Machinery for manufacturing roof tiles

Surface Finishing

Slurry Coating

Globe Machines offers slurry applicators for surface colouring of concrete roof tiles. The equipment is integrated into the conveyor system and is designed and manufactured with simplicity in mind. Colour applicators can be supplied in single units or grouped and coordinated to apply more than one colour at the same time. All Globe Machines manufacturing and product handling equipment is designed to accommodate the special needs of slurry coating

Globe Machines also has slurry mixers and mixing pots to mix slurry to the required consistency.

Sealer and Paint Spray Booths

Globe Machines can offer a number of solutions for sealer and paint application. These systems are available for wet on wet application or wet on dry application, and for solvent based or water based materials.

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Colour Applicator
Colour Applicator
Colour Mixers
Colour Mixers
Spray Booth
Spray Booth

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