Machinery for manufacturing roof tiles


Globe Machines has equipment to package concrete roof tile in a number of ways.

Manual System

This is the most basic system, suitable for areas where there is a good supply of cost effective labour or for the lower production number targets.

Concrete roof tile is removed from the conveyor system and mould by hand and placed on a wooden pallet grouped in rows and layers. Once the pallet is full it is moved to the storage area or to a wrapping station by forklift. There is an option for automatic separation of mould and tile within this system. Typical labour levels for this system are 2 to 8 workers, depending on the speed of production.

Automatic System

Concrete roof tiles are automatically removed from their moulds before being fed to the packaging machine by conveyor. Moulds are fed back to the extruder by the conveyor system for fresh production.

There are two levels of automation available for this system.

Semi Automatic

Concrete roof tiles are fed into a collating device at line speed, grouped and then strapped. These groups of concrete roof tile are then manually moved to wooden pallets and, if the option is selected, automatically stretch wrapped. Typical labour levels for this system is 2 workers.

Fully Automatic

The roof tiles are collated and strapped in the same way as for the automatic system - however, the collated rows are placed on the pallet automatically by a pick and place machine. Typical labour levels for this system is 1 worker.


Globe can offer the following options in regard to packaging:

  • Stacking on edge or nose to tail;
  • Automatic stretch wrapping;
  • Automatic shrink wrapping;
  • Small pack strapping;
  • Palletless packing.

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Manual System
Manual System
Semi Automatic System
Semi Automatic System
Fully Automatic System
Fully Automatic System

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