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Concrete Mixing

Globe designs and manufactures two types of continuous mixing systems - screw mixing and belt mixing.

Screw Mixing

Sand and cement are fed into a tube that contains a rotating auger. This auger has forward and some reverse feeding flights. As this auger is rotated, water is injected into the mixer at a preset flow rate. Mixed mortar is expelled from the mixer and conveyed to the extruder. These mixers can supply material for any plant size up to 100 pieces per minute.

Belt Mixing

Globe manufactures two sizes of belt mixing, one for low volume plants (up to 30 tiles per minute) and one for larger volume plants of up to and beyond 140 tiles per minute.

Sand and cement are fed onto a troughed mixing belt. This belt has multiple mixing heads along its length - these mixing heads progressively mix the sand and cement in a homogeneous mortar. Water and colour are injected at different stages along the length of the mixing belt.

Continuous mixing has the following advantages over conventional batch style mixing:

  • Clean-up is greatly reduced;
  • Mortar preparation rates are matched to production rates at all times, thus reducing waste;
  • Very short colour runs are possible, therefore allowing unlimited blends of product colour in a low number of tiles.

Although Globe does not manufacture batching plants ourselves, we have extensive experience in them and can offer advice on their selection criteria should you decide to use one. Globe can also offer electrical control systems for batch plants.

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Screw Mixer
Screw Mixer
Belt Mixing
Belt Mixing
Belt Mixing
Belt Mixing

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